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The 18-wheeler truck from Stockholm

During the 1990s, an acquaintance of mine worked for Segerströms in Stockholm, a subsidiary of the telephone company Ericsson, formerly LM Ericsson. By this time, the business had been corporatized and in a larger storehouse stood a number of galvanized baskets that no one wanted to know about and even less to pay warehouse rent for.


Why doesn’t Morakniv make folding knives?

As you probably know by now, the area around Mora has a solid experience of knife making and the local manufacturers have never been involved in the manufacturing of folding knives. Although Jönsson's so-called barrel-knife was developed once, and the sheath maker Rombo-Anders Eriksson-Ström each produced a variant, the latter of which never came into production.

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Copycat knives back in the days

Today these knives have evolved into collector’s items as they have their rare background and history. The knife manufacturers in Mora competed for 100 years with the other Swedish knife town Eskilstuna, but today all their knife production has since long ended, not being able to compete with other manufactures. However, back in the days when knives from Mora started to conquer the world it was noticed with irritation in Eskilstuna.

Woodcarving and Morakniv

Woodcarving & Morakniv

From the beginning, our classic knives were used for all sorts of everyday tasks, and when the blade was ground down that much that it had become a significant narrower blade, it was even better suited for all kinds of whittling and woodcarving. However, it was not until the late 1950s that we noticed that special knives intended for whittling and woodcarving was included in the knife catalogs from Mora.

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Edge angles

I get many questions regarding edge angles in various forums and therefore thought I could tell you why we have the edge angles that we have. A guideline for our Craft and Outdoor knives are that most knives up to 2.5 mm blade thickness usually have a total edge angle of 23 degrees, about 11.5 degrees per side.

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