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Morakniv to provide funding for Save The Children International in their support effort for Ukraine

The ongoing war and its effect on every-day life for citizens of Ukraine is of great concern for all of us. We at Morakniv care especially for the children of Ukraine and how they deal with the ongoing crisis. Therefore, we have chosen to provide financial support for Save The Children International in their efforts to provide support, care and shelter for families and children.



I have previously told you about the Zorn knives, made by the engineer "Mäkärn" according to Zorn's design. But who was this man called “Mäkärn”?


Skis, poles, Morakniv!

Mora is not only known for its idyllic environment and record-breaking knives, but also for a sporting event that extends over several days. I am thinking of the Vasaloppet, which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. The cross-country skiing competition, which is 90 km long, with a finish in Mora and which attracts around 100,000 participants and spectators from all over the world.

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Morakniv are looking for talent to a Junior Management Team

Morakniv aim to inspire university students to become future leaders by offering a unique opportunity to collaborate closely with the executive team at Morakniv. We are looking for six (6) ambitious and driven university students with a strong interest in strategic and operational business management, to form a Junior Management Team. This is a work-integration between the academical world and the business world, to apply theory to real life business problems.

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Morakniv Basic 511 (C) & 546 (S) Limited Edition 2022

In recent years, our most classic craft knives have had their very own series. This of course applies to what colours the limited edition gets. Introducing the new Morakniv Basic 511 (C) & 546 (S) Limited Edition 2022 in Dusty Blue/Dark Grey.