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To develop our company and our products, we’ve always worked closely with representatives from the environments and realities our knives are used in. We've been working with ambassadors for a long time, people who use our products on a daily basis as well as dedicated and engaged in their special area of interest. Their input is invaluable for us when it comes to improve and develop our knives.
We've got several ambassadors all across the world. Some are locally established and well-known in their home countries, while others are working internationally. What's important for us is that our partners and ambassadors share our values and are passionate about creating products that live up to the extremely high demands that the user places on their knife.
Ambassadors and partners
Working with ambassadors and partners give us great insight into particular sectors or segments. As an example, we are members of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, a forum in which many Scandinavian outdoor recreation companies exchange experience and knowledge to raise awareness of Scandinavian products throughout the world.
Ambassadors with vast knowledge
We work with a number of well-known outdoor recreation personalities, for example the survival expert Johan Skullman and the TV personality Dave Canterbury. When it comes to handicraft and woodcarving, the wood carving craftspeople Jögge Sundqvist and Beth Moen give us invaluable input on our handicraft knives.
Chris Gregory
Dave Canterbury
Johan Skullman
Jögge Sundqvist


BARN THE SPOON. His name is Barnaby Carder, but most people know him as Barn the Spoon. For more than 20 years he’s been obsessed with woodwork of all kinds and then, 8 years ago, he finally decided it was time to go all in. So now he’s dedicated his life to the spoons that has given him his name. He’s a popular instructor, his classes and workshops are immediately overbooked, as well as an appreciated author of several books on woodwork.

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