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To develop our company and our products, we’ve always worked closely with representatives from the environments and realities our knives are used in. These ambassadors and partners give us great insight into particular sectors or segments. As an example, we are members of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, a forum in which many Scandinavian outdoor recreation companies exchange experience and knowledge to raise awareness of Scandinavian products throughout the world.
Ambassadors with vast knowledge
We work with a number of well-known outdoor recreation personalities, for example the survival expert Johan Skullman here in Sweden, and the TV personality Dave Canterbury in the USA. For our kitchen range we’ve been collaborating with the famous chef Johan Jureskog for many years. When it comes to handicraft and woodcarving, the wood carving craftspeople Jögge Sundqvist and Beth Moen give us invaluable input on our handicraft knives. It’s important for us that our partners and ambassadors share our values and are passionate about creating products that live up to the extremely high demands that the user places on their knife.
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