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Jögge Sundqvist

Surolle the woodcraft artist
With handicraft in his blood
Jögge Sundqvist, or surolle as he’s known, is a craftsman through and through. As a wood worker and woodcarving artist he has become famous for his impressive ornaments and beautiful carved objects. He chisels out stools, chairs, knives, cupboards, spoons and trays, tablets, sculptures and word boards.
And not least, his craft show “Rhythm and craft” has received great attention. He describes it himself as an exhibition of “wood, sweat, and woodchips.” When he shapes the artwork of the evening to the tones of loud rock music live on stage, it’s no wonder that the audience is spellbound and amazed.
Fourth generation of craftsmen
Jögge Sundqvist’s world is handicraft. He is a fourth generation craftsman and was brought up as part of the Swedish handicraft movement. When he describes his work, he talks about the four corner stones, his most important assets, that form the basis of his daily work: the material, tools, tradition and folk art. When it comes to tools, he thinks it’s a bit of a lottery to find a really good woodcarving knife.
Jögge & Morakniv
“There are probably few people who understand how difficult it is to get a really good carving knife, which is well balanced in terms of hardness, toughness, and softness in relation to the angles of the cutting edge. Morakniv is the best amongst all its competitors. I use one myself daily and also make the shafts myself. I probably have a few other handmade knives, but it’s the Morakniv I want,” says Jögge.
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Jögge Sundqvist