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Johan Jureskog

Our meatiest head chef
Praised top chef
Johan Jureskog is one of our most dedicated chefs. When it comes to preparing food it’s clear, everything has to be perfect. Raw ingredients, kitchen tools, and presentation always must be of the highest quality. There’s no doubt that his strong drive has delivered results as today he’s one of our most famous chefs.
During his eight years in the Swedish national culinary team, he’s added a gold medal from both the Olympic Games and World Championships in cooking to his merit list. He’s also won several prestigious prizes for himself, such as the Gastronomic Academy’s gold medal. He runs the top Stockholm restaurants Rolfs Kök and AG, awarded Sweden’s best meat restaurant for three years in a row. He has also written cookbooks and can often be seen on morning TV where he shares his best recipes, which most often focus on meat.
Johan & Morakniv
Johan has worked with Morakniv to create the kitchen knives in the 1891 range. After his many years in the international restaurant industry he knows that good knives are critical to success in the kitchen. That’s why Morakniv was his obvious choice and he joined us on the journey to create the ultimate kitchen knives.
Five perfect knives
Our collaboration was a success, to say the least. We guarantee that the knives are of the highest quality and Johan ensures that the knives live up to the tough demands of the restaurant kitchen. All the five knives in the range now have a prominent place in all his kitchens and on all his guest appearances.
“I’ve worked with Morakniv for a long time and I really like using their knives in my work. At AG we’ve had Morakniv knives in the kitchen since 2012. We also have their super steak knives in the restaurant. It’s great that home chefs can also now enjoy Morakniv’s amazing knives in their kitchens at home,” says Johan.
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Johan Jureskog