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Our history

Manufactured in Mora, Sweden since 1891
How it all started
There’s a long tradition of knife making in Mora. We have been creating sharp knives for the rest of the world for more than 400 years. For Morakniv the journey started in 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned to his home village of Östnor in Mora after four years in North America. When he opened his timber sled factory the first seed was sewn to what would eventually become the company and the brand that we know today – Morakniv.
In the beginning Frost-Erik only made knives for use within the factory, but production would soon start to grow. The term Morakniv was already well known at the end of the 1900’s, due to the area’s long tradition of manufacturing. Knives from Mora had made their way to users around the country by travelling tradesmen, or through bartering. With the founding of the factory, production could grow and more and more knives could be delivered across Sweden and the world.
1891-2016: 125 Years of Knowledge
A Company History

The journey begins

The seed to what would become Morakniv is first sewn in 1891 in Frost-Erik’s timber sled factory. He would later become known as Erik Frost and would soon see his knife-making business take off.

Next, the world!

The knives from Mora start to be exported. It was the woodcarving and sheath knives that spread through Sweden and the world. The buyers were primarily wholesalers, gunpowder traders and ironmongers.

Enters Krång-Johan

In 1912 Krång-Johan Eriksson, also known as KJ, founded his own knife-making business in Östnor. He had previously worked at Frosts, but didn’t really get along with his supervisors and was thrown out. His initial plan was to emigrate to the USA, but first he wanted to give knife-making a try for himself. Together with a business partner he started the knife factory that one hundred years later would become part of Morakniv. Krång-Johan never emigrated.

Sharp ice drills

Going under the name “Mora-borren”, Bud-Carl Andersson’s knife factory started to manufacture the ice drills that soon became famous around the world. What characterized the drills from Mora were their extremely sharp auger blades . And this – the sharpness – is the common denominator with Morakniv.

The start of the acquisitions

The first of many acquisitions now take place when KJ incorporates Bud Carl Andersson’s knife and ice drill making business into his own.

Knives from water faucets

At the beginning of the 1960’s, a knife-making competitor FM Mattsson decided to stop production. Instead they decided to focus fully on making water faucets, a choice that turned out very successfully. With this, an entire machine workshop, tools and components would be sold off, and KJ Erikssons was dedicated to buy the closed down knife-making business. As far as KJ was concerned, there wasn’t a chance that any of the competing companies in the area would benefit from the remains of FM Mattsson.

Frosts a part of KJ

Frosts knife-making factory is acquired in three stages, the first one taking place in 1988 when Frosts becomes a subsidiary of KJ Eriksson. In 2002 and 2005 KJ Eriksson AB acquires the remaining Frosts shares, first by buying FM Mattsson’s shares, and then when the Brask brothers sold their remaining shares.

KJ becomes Mora of Sweden

2005 sees the final merger between KJ Eriksson and Frosts. The incorporated business changes its name to Mora of Sweden to further strengthen and emphasize the collaboration between the two.

A registered trademark

When the two companies were brought together it became even more important to have one strong brand: Morakniv. A long and arduous process ensues in convincing the authorities to approve the application before the name registration finally goes through. The brand names Frosts Mora and Mora ICE are also registered.

One combined factory

The final step is taken in the merger between Frosts and Morakniv when all production is gathered in the same premises, where KJ Eriksson has previously been operating. It’s the same place where the factory and all production is located today.

The ice drills are sold off

The production of complete ice drills ceases. However, manufacturing of certain drill components, such as the blades, continues.

The Company Morakniv

From the January 1 our company is called Morakniv AB. Being named what we actually make – knives from Mora – is a natural step in our development, and shows how proud we are of our local roots.

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