Beth Moen

Woodchips crunch lightly underfoot in Beth Moen’s workshop. This is where she creates beautiful pieces of handicraft from large blocks of wood. She’s best known for her beautifully carved bowls that are often very large and impressive.

She’s been working with her hands for more than 35 years and has been educated in both handicrafts and furniture carpentry. She also shares her wealth of knowledge as the lead teacher in wood at Sätergläntans college.

Beth & Morakniv

With her long experience in wood crafts, Beth is a mine of knowledge as we develop our knives. Her views on our craft knives generally, and our spoon knives in particular, help us to continuously improve our products to be as user-friendly as possible.

Big trees make big bowls

The large bowls that have come to be somewhat of her hallmark require big trees. They often need to be almost half a meter in diameter for the pieces of art that then emerge.

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