Dave Canterbury

Dave Canterbury has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature.


His books have been on the New York Times bestseller list and he has had his own television series on the Discovery Channel. There is no doubt about that Dave knows how to best survive in the wilderness – and he is happy to share his knowledge.

Dave & Morakniv

With Dave’s extensive knowledge and long experience in bushcraft and survival, he knows what is required of a really good knife. Together with our knowledge in knife making, all the prerequisites for creating the ultimate survival knife are given.

The importance of a full-tang knife.

Dave knows exactly how important a reliable knife is. When the outdoor adventure becomes a matter of life and death, the knife can be the only help at hand. When it comes to stregth, he prefers choosing a full-tang knife, which is by far the best option. Without compromising on size, it can handle any heavy tasks, he says.

With the knife as a lifeline

“You can end up in an emergency when the knife you have in your belt is your only lifeline and you want it to be a full-tang. With it, you can safely process larger volumes of wood, which in the long run can save your life. That way, the full-tang can become your only available lifeguard” says Dave.

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