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Elle Nikishkova

Elle Nikishkova is a passionate outdoor chef with a focus on open fire with local and sustainable ingredients. She teaches outdoor cooking techniques in various settings and through her knowledge of wild edible plants, mushrooms, and spices from near and far, she brings new levels to her workshops and outdoor events.

Born in Ukraine during the Soviet Union, Elle learned the basics of cooking from her mother and grandmother. The interest in food soon grew together with her passion for adventure and travel, which gave expression to outdoor cooking. When she later went on a trip around the world and stopped in the Guatemalan jungle, she opened a restaurant. Subsequently, she knew that outdoor cooking would always be a part of her life.

Although she already earned a master’s degree in diplomacy and a great interest in working with international politics, she decided to change course in her professional life. With the motto to live and enjoy life every day, she inspires her audience daily via socials. Today, she inspires and teaches the Swedish public about food and outdoor cooking through national television, courses, workshops and outdoor events.

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