Jarrod Dahl

Jarrod is a full-time craftsperson, teacher, and writer who has worked with wood professionally since 1996. He designs, makes, and sells woodenware with the help of his wife and an assistant through his website woodspirithandcraft.com. He specializes in turning green wood from whole logs into cups, handled mugs, bowls, plates, and lidded boxes, using a foot-powered spring pole lathe, a Japanese-style electric lathe, and a Western electric lathe. He lives in Northern Wisconsin, USA. He is a well-known woodcarver who makes a wide variety of cooking and eating utensils with axe and knife in the Scandinavian tradition. Research at archives and museums informs his designs. His wide range of expertise in making traditional craft objects includes carving tools, blacksmithing, birch bark canoes, wooden toboggans, raw hide snowshoes, folded and woven birch bark baskets, bentwood boxes, and ash baskets.

Teaching his knowledge

Jarrod teaches handcraft masterclasses nationally and internationally including at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, North House Folk School, Port Townsend School of Woodworking, Greenwood Guild London, Spoonfest UK, Plymouth CRAFT, and Gifu Forest Academy, Japan. Jarrod has extensive knowledge of harvesting and processing natural materials and the making and use of hand tools. He has a deep philosophical, historical and pragmatic approach to making, teaching, and advocating for handcraft. Through the years he has trained apprentices and has an interest in passing knowledge to young craftspeople.

Discover more

Jarrod shares his knowledge through demonstrations, Instagram and his blog. He has written for Popular Woodworking and Mortise & Tenon Magazines and made two movies, The Art of Spoon Carving for Pop Wood and One Tree recorded in Japan. He also has a forthcoming book with Lost Art Press on Spring Pole Lathe Turning.