Johan Skullman

As a former military professional, Johan Skullman has spent time in most types of outdoor environments. Mountains, water, forest or jungle, irrespective of terrain he always has some trick or critical nugget of knowledge stored so that he can always take care of himself, or just make things more comfortable.

His long experience makes him a goldmine for both product developers and adventurers alike. His courses are as popular as they are exciting. Who doesn’t want to know how to pack their rucksack in the most effective way, or be able to find eatables in nature when hunger strikes?

The master adventurer

After 30 years of experience, Johan knows everything that’s worth knowing about near-nature life. At Morakniv, we often call upon Johan for his expertise to help us test new products and provide ideas and suggestions for how the knives can be formed so that they’re as user-friendly as possible in real-life situations.

Ideas on Eldris

Among other things, Johan has been involved in the work on Eldris since the idea conception stage, and has looked at the properties and benefits of a small knife with a fixed blade. He suggests that the greatest advantage lies in the fixed blade in the small model.

The unique size

“A knife the size of Eldris gives you greater control when you use it. A smaller blade is safer to work with than a bigger one. And then for my part, the thing that makes Eldris really unique is that it can be worn in so many different ways without getting in the way. Around your neck, in your pocket or in your rucksack – there are loads of options,” says Johan.

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