Michele Lupoli

Michele Lupoli is a leading character and founder of the Wolves Outdoor Academy, an organisation that deals with bushcraft, survival, experimental archeology, flint-knapping and 360° outdoor activities. The aim is to develop and improve leadership and teamwork in a calm and pleasant atmosphere and to acquire basic skills in a variety of outdoor activities. The goal is to improve the knowledge of the man-nature-environment interaction.

Michele has been dealing with survival techniques and bushcraft for the last thirty years operating at a national level through courses, workshops, team building and several educational and experiential activities with schools. In Ethiopia he started a project of self-sustainment in cooperation with Taza’s scout groups where he trained their leaders.

He took part in bushcraft courses with Mors Kochanski and Dave Canterbury and he’s the organiser of the B.I.G. Bushcraft Italy Gathering, the first and sole bushcraft Italian event from 2015.

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