Stijn van Oss

As a former pro skier, Stijn feels at home in nature and spends as much time outdoors if possible, most of the time with groups. He believes that what you want to ignite in others first has to burn inside yourself. Curious in life and work, he’s a creative, a thinker, a maker who likes to conceive ideas with impact; concepts with the potential to effect positive change, creating experiences that ignite.

A conscious woodcarver

In his woodcarving workshops, he creates an environment conducive to reconnecting with ourselves and the world around us, in which we can acquire new skills and find the physical and mental space to share, embrace and explore unique group experiences. The connection to nature is always key, from tree-knowledge and wood-types to carving skills. He also calls it ‘Wood Yoga’ as he witnesses his participants getting into a meditative state while carving.