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In the beginning knives were made in Mora for use in work or on the farm. That’s how it all started – in the craftsmen’s knives that the people of Mora used day in, day out, and that spread within and beyond Sweden’s borders. Still today people associate the classic red craftsman’s knife with Morakniv.
Now though, we have so much more to offer. In addition to the classic knives, we have knives for building, crafts, the kitchen, food industry and outdoor recreation. Under our two brands Morakniv and Frosts we bring together a broad range of knives for all imaginable occasions.
Our knife series
From forest to kitchen


The scout knives were developed in the beginning of the 1930’s, making them a modern classic after 85 years of production. When this knife first saw the light of day, the new, flat knife sheath was a differentiating detail. It was both simple to sew and manufacture, so the entire knife became commercially viable and popular.


The first Buschcraft model was developed after a request to put the blade from the Mora 2000 on the handle of the classic 911-handicraft knife. What started out as an experiment became a great success and resulted in several more models based on existing blades and handles. At the same time, we developed the new soft belt loop as a complement to the belt clip. Models such as Forest, Triflex, Forest Camo, Desert Camo and Force soon were released.


Companion was created in the same spirit as Bushcraft. When the worn out Clipper tools needed replacing, we decided to update the handle and sheath geometry for the Craft range. The result was TopQ and later also HighQ on the tools side, which became Companion in the outdoor segment. During the following years, the series was completed with Military Green and Hi-Vis Orange, and with bright color mixes. After a while, Companion HeavyDuty also arrived with its slightly stronger handle and thicker blade. Today, we are in the midst of adding stainless HD blades to the range.


In 2014, the 7 knives in the Pro range were launched, with the single largest machinery investment in the history of the company being made at the same time. We acquired “Gabriel,” our name for the injection molding facility. The knives in this range are primarily intended for handicraft usage, but this hasn’t prevented outdoor enthusiasts from using the knives in outdoor recreation. This is most obvious in the USA where both Pro C and the classic 511 are very popular entry-level models.

Expert (previously Tactical)

Our knives in the Expert range, which are primarily for more experienced users, are a further development of Bushcraft Black and similar knives. We have enhanced the knife sheath with a MOLLE cover that allows the knife to attach to MOLLE rucksacks for example. A very flexible and popular function.

Classic 1891

Now we have taken the properties once developed for the camp fire and adapted them to the needs of a modern kitchen. Together with international top chef Johan Jureskog, we have developed a series of kitchen knives for the restaurant kitchen as well as the for the home chef.

What kind of knife are you looking for?
We have a great many different knives. Models with longer and shorter blades, larger and smaller handles, knives with different steel and characteristics. What they all have in common is that they have been developed to match their intended purpose in the best possible way. In addition to the classic knives, we have knives for building, handicrafts, cooking and outdoor recreation. The most difficult thing can be finding the right one.
Use our Knife Selector to help you choose the knife or knives that suit you best of all. How will you use your knife? Do you know what material you want? Indicate your requirements and see which knife appears. Hopefully you’ll get a step closer to your perfect Morakniv.
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