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A focus on nature
Bushcraft is about getting to know nature, about having the knowledge needed to be in nature and survive there. It can include knowing which plants you can eat, how you make fire, or how you use a knife and an axe. We’ve kept these skills in mind when designing our Bushcraft knives.
These are knives with sturdy blades that withstand splitting wood and are adapted to use with a fire starter. Certain models have both a fire starter and diamond sharpener integrated in the sheath so that you really have everything you need in one place. The handles are made of an easy-grip polymer so that the knife always feels steady and safe in your hands when it’s time to work.
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Our thoughts
The first Buschcraft model was developed after a request to put the blade from the Mora 2000 on the handle of the classic 911-handicraft knife. What started out as an experiment became a great success.
It resulted in several more models based on existing blades and handles. At the same time, we developed the new soft belt loop as a complement to the belt clip.
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