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Classic 1891

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Handmade quality
The result is a range of beautiful and timeless kitchen knives, handmade by our knife-makers in Mora. The actual blade is made of carefully selected Swedish stainless steel that is hardened and tempered in a secret process – a well-kept company secret for hundreds of years. Every single knife is assembled by hand before the characteristic metal ring with the Dala coat of arms is attached, perfecting the knife.
The range includes five different models, designed to cover all the tasks that a home chef might need to do: a chef’s knife in two different sizes, a bread knife, a fillet knife and a paring knife. The handle is made of red or black stained Swedish birch wood and has a well-designed barrel shape. That detail was inspired by our most classic knives, even though the shape has of course been adapted for use in the kitchen. We do everything to create more ergonomic knives with a steadier grip, which leads to a more enjoyable cooking experience.
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With our kitchen knives we’ve taken all the qualities that made Morakniv knives so popular during the 1600’s and combined them with the needs of the modern kitchen. Because cooking is so much more fun with a seriously good knife. Just think how it feels to slice through a tomato with ease, or to filet a fish without needing to hack.
We want to make knives that are extremely sharp and perform time after time. That’s why we developed the Classic 1891 range together with chef Johan Jureskog, to truly make knives that work as well in the restaurant kitchen as at home by the stove.
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Morakniv & Johan Jureskog
Johan Jureskog is one of our most dedicated chefs. When it comes to preparing food it’s clear, everything has to be perfect. Raw ingredients, kitchen tools, and presentation always must be of the highest quality. There’s no doubt that his strong drive has delivered results as today he’s one of our most famous chefs. Johan has worked with Morakniv to create the kitchen knives in the 1891 range. After his many years in the international restaurant industry he knows that good knives are critical to success in the kitchen. That’s why Morakniv was his obvious choice and he joined us on the journey to create the ultimate kitchen knives.
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Classic 1891