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A new generation of knives for professionals
Knives for professionals
These are knives for real professionals, whether you work at the top level of your industry or at home. Our Pro knives are reliable and solid tools. The blade is slightly larger and withstands a harder load. We’ve also taken the handle to the next level. The grip is ergonomically formed and made of TPE rubber, giving it optimal friction. And since rubber doesn’t conduct the cold, you can also work with it outdoors or in colder environments without your hands freezing.
It’s no coincidence that carpenters, electricians, roof-layers, and other professionals, in the building and other industries, choose Morakniv. Our knives are tools for professionals that retain the highest quality in all situations. With blades of carefully selected steel, the knives make the job simpler and faster. The knives are also ergonomically developed. They are solid to hold and feel good to work with. This is true whether it’s a Morakniv with the classic red birch wood handle, a fitter’s knife or a tuning knife that you hold steadily in your hand.
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The classic Morakniv with its red barrel formed handle inspired the Pro series. And of course, the characteristics that were so loved in our earlier craftsmen’s knives are still there – in the Pro series we’ve just taken things up a notch. With extra consideration for your hands we’ve carefully shaped the handle like a barrel so that the knife sits better in your hand and feels more ergonomic.
The knives in this range are primarily intended for handicraft usage, but this hasn’t prevented outdoor enthusiasts from using the knives in outdoor recreation. This is most obvious in the USA where both Pro C and the classic 511 are very popular entry-level models.
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