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For many, the Scout knife is the first contact with a knife as a tool and sitting carving a piece of bark or a stick invokes memories of childhood summers. The small handle and double finger guard have been standout features of these colorful knives. With this in your rucksack, you always were, and are, ready for a trip into nature.
Given that these are mainly intended for younger knife users, the safety aspect is of course of primary importance. The handle is adapted for children’s hands, the finger guard prevents fingers from sliding down onto the blade, and even the rounded point prevents pricking injuries, all obvious features for a real Scout.
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Our thoughts
The Scout knives were developed in the beginning of the 1930’s. When this knife first saw the light of day, the new, flat knife sheath was a differentiating detail. It was both simple to sew and manufacture, so the entire knife became commercially viable and popular. During the war years in the beginning of the 1930’s, the size of this knife was also advantageous, just like the fact that at the time it didn’t have any safety guard. This made them even more profitable.
From a production standpoint, it was also a plus that the knife sheaths were made of leather, flat and easy to sew. But since those times, the Scout knife has become an even more popular model – maybe just because of the handy size and the smooth, flat cover.
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