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A part of you and your handicraft
The joy of the craft
The most important thing when it comes to woodcarving is a sharp knife, there’s no avoiding that fact. Instead of being a wonderful, creative experience, it can become both irritating and dangerous if the knife is blunt. A real sharp knife gets you on the right path quite simply.
Our knives are well known for their quality and precision, appreciated by generations of craftspeople. They’re even used by the skilled craftspeople in Nusnäs where they carve one of our most well known Swedish symbols, the Dala horse.
What are you creating?
Our thoughts
Carving wood requires concentration and precision. When all focus is on how the knife carves away slither by slither of the subject, one can get an almost meditative feeling of being here and now. When we create our craft knives we use carefully selected laminated steel for the blade. It is easy to re-sharpen with a whetstone, so you never need to compromise on sharpness.
During the carving process, it’s important that the grip is steady, while the handle needs to be flexible to enable different holds. We use oiled birch wood in our spindle formed handles, as the natural wood sits comfortably in your hand. If you want to get really advanced, you can carve a couple of notches in the actual handle to suit your preferences.
Here are our woodcarving knives
Beth Moen
Our ambassador Beth Moen is world famous for her handicraft, especially for her beautiful wooden bowls.
Jögge Sundqvist
Our ambassador Jögge Sundqvist, or Surolle as he’s known, is a craftsman through and through

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