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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

My grandfather Krång-Johan Eriksson, locally better known as "KJ", was born in 1889 and died at the age of 75 in 1964 when I was five years old. My memories of him are vague and mostly consist of stories I've been told and visual impressions from old photos.


A one-way ticket to history, thanks!

A few years ago, I found a Frost 386 with some curious markings on the blade and sheath. I was intrigued enough by this to want to buy it and perhaps figure out what they meant. Over the course of several months, I learned that the markings on the knives are the wagon numbers of the Iron Ore Line in the north of Sweden.


Finn-Anders in Östnor

Finn-Anders Andersson (1848 - 1930) was the first to establish a large-scale knife production business in Mora. He was an exceptional example of the entrepreneurial spirit prevalent at the time in the region.


The story behind the name Morakniv

Although the origin of the term Morakniv is unclear, it refers to knives made in the Mora region. We do not know when and why they began calling them that. A theory points to Katrin-Jöns Persson. Katrin-Jöns Persson was born in 1839, about 15 km south of Mora in Sweden, and began making knives in the 1870s.

Ducks Unlimited 04

The wild goose chase for the Ducks Unlimited

The following episode took place sometime in the late 1980s at KJ Erikssons Knife Factory in Mora. Just today as then, we manufactured customer-unique knives in agreement with customers around the world. But at the end of the eighties, unlike today, we had several unexplained cases of missing knives from the warehouse just before delivery.

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