The story behind the name Morakniv

Although the origin of the term Morakniv is unclear, it refers to knives made in the Mora region. We do not know when and why they began calling them that. A theory points to Katrin-Jöns Persson. Katrin-Jöns Persson was born in 1839, about 15 km south of Mora in Sweden, and began making knives in the 1870s.

Ducks Unlimited 04

The wild goose chase for the Ducks Unlimited

The following episode took place sometime in the late 1980s at KJ Erikssons Knife Factory in Mora. Just today as then, we manufactured customer-unique knives in agreement with customers around the world. But at the end of the eighties, unlike today, we had several unexplained cases of missing knives from the warehouse just before delivery.

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Fäbod Knife

My name is Joao Grilo and I am the author of the blog Oldmora, dedicated to the history of the Morakniv knives. This is my first appearance on the official Morakniv blog. Here is to the great knife maker Erik Frost and his ideas.

Artur Andersson 1960 ca

Artur R. Andersson, a relatively unknown player in knife manufacturing in Mora

Bud-Carl Andersson was born in year 1857 in Öna, Mora and was the son of "The Öna doctor" Bud-Anders Persson. In 1889 or 1890, Bud-Carl founded his factory for timber sleds, also at the same time a knife smithy for knife production, later known as Carl Andersson's Knife factory or the Bud-Carl workshop as it was locally called.

KJs kontor 1970 tal

The story of KJ Eriksson and FM Mattsson

The tap/water faucet manufacturer FM Mattsson has since 1865 been casting brass products. Everything from horse bells to gears and hands to the famous clocks from Mora. But it was not until the taps became the main source of income that they positioned on top of the game in Sweden.

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