Become a knife maker!

We know that many people have a special relationship with their favourite knives. A knife is a basic tool that gives you a sense of freedom, just as it has always been since humans made the first knife.

Making your own knife can, therefore, be a very pleasant project, you can make a knife for any desired purpose and design it just as you want. A knife consists of a blade and a handle. The handle material can vary, from wood, bone, horn to any other durable alternative. You can make the blade yourself or you can use already made blades that can be mounted in the handle.

Knife blades

At our knife factory in Mora, we not only make knives, but also high-quality blades that you can use to create your own knives. The different blade models are hardened, sharpened and ready for your new knife projects. You can even choose between different types of steel, stainless steel, carbon steel or laminated steel. Only your imagination is the limit!

Knife blades & other accessories