Let’s get woodcarving!

It’s completely silent, you can almost hear the sound of a needle falling to the ground and the concentration is total. All focus is on the woodcarving, chip by chip, on carefully evening out the edges of the wood. Is it going to be a bark boat? A spoon or even a pair of chopsticks? Woodcarving is fascinating, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more experienced, indoors or outdoors, young or old, it’s almost like meditation, and the feeling of being in the presence will calm your senses and boost your creativity. In other words, it brings you spellbinding moments.


There are many different knife models to choose from, long or short blade, straight or bent blade, finger guard or not, larger or smaller handle geometry, depending on what you want to carve and how you want to design it.

Some of our woodcarving knives

A good entry-level knife is Woodcarving 106, which provides good stability and generous cuts. It has a slightly longer blade than the Woodcarving 120 knife, which is more suitable for finer carving. Both have comfortable birch handles that you are able to design as you prefer. If you would like to make a bowl, spoon or cup, a hook knife is the natural choice. For some projects, you use several different knives to smoothly go from rough carving to fine detailed cuts.

If you feel like a novice at dealing with knives, there are options such as Woodcarving Basic, Companion or Scout, knives suitable for children as well as adults. The two last ones are excellent for woodcarving with children. Then it’s time to begin! With the right knife and some green wood, you can look forward to an inspiring woodcarving journey.

The Swedish Knife Grip Sessions

Check out our Ambassador Jögge “s u r o l l e” Sundqvist in the Youtube series The Swedish Knife Grip Sessions, where he shows various knife grips and techniques that will help you carve in an effective and safe way.