Joao Grilo

I am the author of the blog Oldmora, dedicated to the history of the Morakniv knives. I got my first Morakniv in the early 1990s, a Frost 700 series, that my father bought for me on one of his trips to Sweden. It was my faithful companion during many years of scouting.

The outdoors was always a passion of mine, first with the scouts and then on my own, and at the end of the 2000s, I got involved with the bushcraft scene in Portugal. Later, on a trip to Sweden in the early 2010s, I discovered one of my all-favourite models, the Mora 2000. Still today, it is one of my favourite models in the catalogue, past, and present.

With a particular interest in handicrafts, I delved into leathercraft and more recently into spoon carving. In the last decade, I began collecting vintage Morakniv knives. As the collection grew, my desire to know more about history grew. I quickly realized that the knife-making history in Mora is very rich, full of very interesting details, with a mix of true entrepreneurship, tradition, and innovation, which led to the creation of my blog Oldmora.


Oldmora Blog