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The steel

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The steel makes the knife

The knife blade has become one of the main characteristics for Morakniv, due to its high quality, design and sharpness. We’ve refined our methods and constantly worked to improve our products for more than 120 years. How we treat, harden and polish our knives is a vital part of our quality work, and the recipe is a well-kept company secret. This results in knives that always will live up to your expectations and that you always can put your trust in.

The blade of a Morakniv can be made of three different kinds of steel: stainless steel, carbon steel or laminated steel. Each steel type has its unique properties that determine which model that’s being matched with which steel.

Stainless steel (S)
Knife blades made of hardenable stainless steel - 12C27 and 14C28N, hardened to HRC 56-58 - are found on knives with extreme strength and a long life. They also have a very high resistance to moisture, which otherwise can make the blades rust. Stainless steel stays sharp for much longer than carbon steel and is far less sensitive to rust.
Carbon steel (C)
Knife blades of high carbon steel can be hardened to HRC 58-60, giving them the best possible sharpness at an affordable price. When used, knives made from above these steel grades eventually achieve a dull grey finish. However, this will not affect the quality of the blade, but rather improve the resistance to corrosion. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen, but requires more maintenance when exposed to moist or corrosive environment. Make sure to keep the blade clean and dry. For example, fruit acids immediately leave pots on the blade. Our carbon steel has a carbon content of 1%.
Laminated carbon steel (LC)
This steel grade is unique for knives from Morakniv. The core of the blade is made of high carbon steel surrounded by a softer alloyed steel layer. A high hardness, HRC 58-60, can be achieved through hardening, and the result is in a knife blade with superior toughness and cutting edge retention. Thereby it reaches maximum sharpness and long life. The blade can also be bent into a predetermined shape, which makes knives with these kind of blades appropriate for woodcarving. The laminated steel's core has a carbon content of 1% and it's sides < 0,2%.
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The steel