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We attend several fairs, events and activities, primarily in Sweden, but also in other countries around the world.

In our event calendar you can view dates and places where you can meet us or some of our ambassadors or representatives live. The calendar is updated regularly, so keep an eye out!

Morakniv Adventure is our own exciting event that is being held in May every year. We spend four days together outdoors and learn more about woodcarving, bushcraft and survival. Next Adventure takes place May 17-20, 2018.

Female Adventurers is an initiative that works to put focus on female adventurers and primarily to inspire women to discover the great outdoors and the outdoor life.

Upcoming events

30 jun-1 jul Fjällräven Classic, Denmark
30 jun-2 jul Fjällräven Classic, USA
3-4 NordSpieder Läger, Bodö, Norway
12-15 Knivveckan, Ludvika, Sweden
20-22 Höga Kusten Hike, Höga Kusten, Sweden


4-8 Spoonfest, Edale, Derbyshire, UK
5-12 Scouterna Jamboree, Kristianstad, Sweden
11-13 Female Adventureres in Åre, Åre, Sweden
13-14 Norspo, Oslo, Norway
11-18 Fjällräven Classic, Abisko, Sweden
17-18 Medevimässan, Medevi, Sweden
27-28 Gresvig, Oslo, Norway
30-31 Prevex, Mölndal, Sweden


1-2 Sälenfjällen Hike, Sälen, Sweden
8-10 Utefest, Höga Kusten, Sweden
6-10 WorldFood Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
12-16 Adihex, Abu Dhabi
23-24 Steel Edge, Kiev, Ukraine

Event calendar
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Morakniv Adventure
A four day adventure in the deep forests of Mora. May 23-26, 2019.
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Female Adventurers
We want to inspire women to discover the outdoors and find their own adventure.
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