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Meny Stäng

Henna Laplante

"The perfect Valentine's gift"
Hennas story:

“I have so many stories of my Morakniv since receiving it as a Valentine’s Gift in 2014 from my husband. We moved off-grid and me being a city girl, I was inexperienced with knives. My Mora was my first knife. I learned to prep meat, whittle wood, harvest cedar bark and everyday uses in the woods. I always wear it clipped on my jeans pocket and one day at Walmart, a clerk couldn’t find scissors to cut a tag off a woman’s newly purchased sunglasses, I whipped out my Mora, to their shock! I unexpectedly hit a deer one night and I was the only one with a knife, my Mora. We were able to put her down after shattering her hips. I have my own jewelry business and often reach for my Mora at trade shows to cut hemp and finish off my designs. We fish regularly at our pond and at the White River. I always have my Mora to cut fishing line, bait and fish.”

What's your story?

We're convinced that behind every knife there's a story and we want to hear yours.

"Moving to Sweden, I just had to own a Morakniv"
"The perfect Valentine's gift"
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Henna Laplante