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Meny Stäng

Nagy Szabolcs

"I found some real treasures at the flea market"
Nagys story:

“My first encounter with the Mora knives was at the flea market of Uppsala when I was a postdoc scientist at the SLU there. I brought home a blue and a red 511 for field work (soil sampling etc) – they still go strong after more than a decade, and recently I got a new red one which I really like and will use as an outdoor knife. They both have “Luna” written on the handle accidentally – I bought them at different times and not from the same seller. My wife is responsible for the university grass collection and I help if I have some free time (to escape from the office and paperwork, etc.). She likes the blue knife as it is stainless and I prefer the red one so it is a perfect match… They are misused, tossed over, covered with soil and mud but still going strong!”

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"Moving to Sweden, I just had to own a Morakniv"
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Nagy Szabolcs