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Ramnath Bath

"Moving to Sweden, I just had to own a Morakniv"
Ramnaths story:

“I love nature and love those who respect nature. Swedes are definitely those who do. I moved to Sweden in 2010 to study and was very much into exploring the landscapes/hikes. I was very new to bushcraft and in an attempt to learn it, I looked at videos by Ray Mears, Mors Kochansky, Cody Lundin and many others. Every single one of them had Morakniv to recommend, irrespective of their location.

Back then in the first half of 2013, one model of knife specifically reviewed by hard core ‘knife community’ members on Youtube was the Bushcraft Black. Many couldn’t stop their accolades about it. My partner must have seen me you-tubing knife videos once and decided to buy the Bushcraft Black with the attachments as a Christmas present (2013). That was my first ever Morakniv! Using the knife has been an obsession ever since, be it just whittling or carving wood. The 3.2 mm spine takes on quite a beating and I’ve never seen edge retention like this.

One fond memory of mine with the Bushcraft Black was when I wanted to start a fire in winter on slow laden ground for the very first time. After finding dead standing timber; splitting and feathering them were all done with the knife. Then was the fire-steel that came as one of the attachments on its scabbard. Lighting a fire with it gave me a humble sense of accomplishment. It is pure nostalgia!

I’ve now made it a point to collect classic designs from Mora. I’ve realized that Mora stands out from the crowd because its less gimmicky and puts functionality over jargon. I own other handmade bushcraft knives (Woodlore style) but there’s no knife I prefer other than the Bushcraft Black or the Basic 511. When you buy a Mora, you know you are getting great quality without breaking your piggy bank. I feel Morakniv has bushcraft figured which is why their knives have fantastic reputation all over the world. I would go so far as to say this, I can guess the skill level of a woodsman based on his perspective of Morakniv or the lack of it.

It is also fair to say that I am also probably the most serious fan of Morakniv who hails from India (second largest population on earth)”

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"Moving to Sweden, I just had to own a Morakniv"
"The perfect Valentine's gift"
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Ramnath Bath