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Morakniv Adventure
Sharing the skills of Bushcraft, Outdoor and Sloyd
The Adventure is fully booked!

Wow what a response! Looks like there are many adventurous people out there and all spots are already booked.

Keep an eye out though – hopefully the adventure will be back in 2018.

Join the adventure, May 18-21!

Morakniv Adventure is a unique adventure that combines the best of three worlds: sloyd, bushcraft, and outdoor. We spend four days together in nature, while our experts teach us all kind of new skills: Dave Canterbury, Johan Skullman, Dave Canterbury, Jögge Sundqvist and Beth Moen.

For four days you get to experience something out of the ordinary in the deep woods of Mora, Sweden. We kick start the adventure with an exclusive tour of the Morakniv factory before we head out to our Adventure Base Camp to set up our gear. Then the real adventure begins: we spend the next couple of days outdoors together with our ambassadors and new friends from all over the world. You join workshops where you learn everything from carving your own wooden spoon to skills that help you survive in nature. We make sure to provide you with all food and drinks – even if you might have to put your own cooking skills to the test for some meals.

You bring your own gear and equipment, and sleep in your own tent in the light spring night. Morakniv Adventure is open for everyone, whether you’ve just become curious about the outdoor life or is a long time bushcrafter. We do however recommend a basic physical status, even though the Adventure doesn’t include any heavier physical challenges. You make your own travel arrangements to and from Mora. Read more about the details in our Adventure Overview.

The entry fee includes three knives that you’ll receive upon arrival to Mora: one Eldris Neck knife kit, one Bushcraft Black and one Woodcarving 120. All food and drinks are included: three dinners, two lunches, and three breakfasts.

Adventure Overview
Read more about the details!
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Experience the adventurous Sweden!
Meet our ambassadors
Learn new skills

Joins in on interesting workshops and events together with our ambassadors.

Dave Canterbury

Has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s a best-selling author as well as the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature.

Johan Skullman

Is the former military professional who has spent time in most types of outdoor environments. Mountains, water, forest or jungle, irrespective of terrain he always has some trick or critical nugget of knowledge in store. His long experience makes him a goldmine for adventurers.

Jögge Sundqvist

Is a wood worker and woodcarving artist famous for his impressive ornaments and beautiful carved objects. He chisels out stools, chairs, knives, cupboards, spoons and trays, tablets, sculptures and word boards. His craft show “Rhythm and craft” has received great attention, an exhibition of “wood, sweat, and woodchips.”

Beth Moen

Is best known for her beautifully carved bowls that are often very large and impressive. She’s been working with her hands for more than 35 years and has been educated in both handicrafts and furniture carpentry . She also shares her wealth of knowledge as a lead teacher all across the world.

Read more about the knives you get!
Equipped for adventure
When you arrive to Mora you'll get an Eldris Neck knife kit, a Bushcraft Black och a Woodcarving 120.
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