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Artur R. Andersson, a relatively unknown player in knife manufacturing in Mora

Artur Andersson 1960 ca

Chamberlain Artur R. Andersson.

Bud-Carl Andersson was born in year 1857 in Öna, Mora and was the son of “The Öna doctor” Bud-Anders Persson. In 1889 or 1890, Bud-Carl founded his factory for timber sleds, also at the same time a knife smithy for knife production, later known as Carl Andersson’s Knife factory or the Bud-Carl workshop as it was locally called.

Bud-Carl was only 67 years old and died in 1925, leaving behind a wife and three sons who also inherited his company.

Much later, when both his wife and two sons passed away in the 1950s, the widow of one son, Bud-Erik, sold his share to the company’s chamberlain Artur Andersson from Garsås, Mora, who in his turn sold half his share to his relative Jannes Hallin, who already had the knife factory AB Moraknivar in Färnäs, Mora (formerly Hallin & Co).

The situation for Carl Andersson’s Knife factory eventually became unsustainable and in the early 1960s another co-owner, Bud-Bror Andersson, had had enough and asked my father, Einar Eriksson, if KJ (ie K J Eriksson’s Knife factory) was not interested in buying Bud-Carl workshop. KJ was allowed to buy Bud-Bror’s share and then requested a public auction in accordance with the Co-ownership Act. Hallin’s finances were of such a nature that he could not keep up with the bidding and after the auction, KJ was the sole owner of the Bud-Carl workshop. Einar, who sensed trouble, immediately ordered a change of locks in the factory doors, but still did not feel completely safe, but also made sure that his brother-in-law Nils Legranäs was allowed to be a night watchman the first night. At three o’clock at night, Artur came and tried to get into the office but failed when his keys no longer fit. We will probably never know what he would pick up there at that time of day. In any case, you can understand that these were exciting days.


Etikett Artur R. Andersson AB 1


Artur then continued in one way or another together with Jannes Hallin and sold knives under his own auspices, see the cardboard label that I found at AB Moraknivar in Färnäs. Guess these knives were stamped as “AB Moraknivar”. Artur had certainly gained a lot of market knowledge during his time at Bud-Carl, which he then took with him to Färnäs.

I have been told the above information directly from Einar Eriksson and Per Wikstrand and secondarily from Bud-Lars Andersson via Per Wikstrand.