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Copycat knives back in the days

morakniven bw

Today these knives have evolved into collector’s items as they have their rare background and history. The knife manufacturers in Mora competed for 100 years with the other Swedish knife town Eskilstuna, but today all their knife production has since long ended, not being able to compete with other manufactures. However, back in the days when knives from Mora started to conquer the world, it was noticed with irritation In Eskilstuna. Therefore, they started making a Morakniv Classic copy, stamped with “MORAKNIVEN” on the blade. This knife is somewhat hard to find so they were probably forced to stop making this fake at an early stage. The sheath was most likely bought from the Ström Sheath Factory in Mora.


morakniven slida


Another story is the Norwegien guy Broder Knudsen that left his father’s knife factory in Trondheim and moved to Mora to work in Frosts knife factory and learned how the famous knife from Mora was made. He married the sheath maker Anders Ström’s daughter Mait. They were later on divorced and Broder Knudsen moved back to Trondheim and started to produce “Norwegian Mora Knives.” He kept on buying the sheaths from his former father in law. In the early 1960’s the Knudsen knife factory in Norway went out of business, but you can still find their old knives at flea markets in Norway. Broder Knudsen still has descendants left in Mora after the marriage with Anders Ström’s daughter Mait.