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Patent #24308

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Since the beginning, Morakniv has sought to improve the way the knife is kept in the sheath. A few months ago, I posted about the Fäbod Knife, a hooded sheath that Erik Frost invented and patented in 1908.

An entirely new patent request for a special retention system was filed by Erik Frost in 1910. A year later, the patent was published with the number, 30434.

“In order for a knife to be retained in its sheath, it must either be pushed in so hard that the handle is clamped in the sheath, or a cover can be attached to the strap which can be slipped over the handle top. This is shown in patent no. 24308.” said Erik Frost.

The design was relatively simple. When the knife was inserted into the knife sheath, a spring-loaded lash engaged a slot carved on the handle (one on each side) and engaged the spring-loaded lash. Allowing the knife to be easily inserted and withdrawn from the sheath without falling out or becoming loose. Inserting and removing the knife did not require any extra movement, you simply had to apply a little more force to overcome the lash’s force. This ensured the knife was secure and easily accessible when needed. As well as holding the knife in place, this design also offers another advantage, namely that the knife tip cannot encounter the sheath because it is locked in place and cannot be lowered.

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Ströms Knivslidsfabrik made the sheath in UNICA fibre, but the final assembly may have been made by Frosts.

This model was only available with a no. 1 blade.

Most likely, it was only sold between the 1910s and 1920s.