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Prototypes in modern times

Image of prototyp

It can usually be interesting to get a little insight into the development phase that we do, even if, for natural reasons, we have to keep most things to ourselves. I still would like to share a small episode from when we developed the handle pattern on our outdoor knives Morakniv Eldris, Morakniv Kansbol, and Morakniv Garberg.

The actual pattern of rhomb’s originates from the woven ribbons that were used for Mora’s native costumes and which have adorned our knife sheaths back and forth for over 100 years. However, we had a new dilemma to deal with when the pattern would be on the handle of the knife.

We really liked the idea and felt that we could honour our local heritage but at the same time had respect for how a patterned handle could easily be kept clean. Therefore, a number of samples were made based on the knife Morakniv Basic 511 where the barrel-shaped handle was filled with the weave pattern (rhomb’s) and then with different widths, angles, and bottom radius of the cavities. Then we were a selected few who had to go home and use the knives in as soiled environments we could only come up with, and later evaluate which pattern designs were easiest to keep clean.

The other day I found one of these samples and remembered all the work that was put in so that Morakniv Eldris, Morakniv Kansbol, and Morakniv Garberg would live up to all users’ expectations, even if this was just a small part of the development phase. Also, note that the handle here was provided with a logo that was then never launched, i.e. something in between today’s logo and the one we had before.

Clarification: The knife in the picture is one of the prototypes that never reached the launch phase.