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The 18-wheeler truck from Stockholm

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During the 1990s, an acquaintance of mine worked for Segerströms in Stockholm, a subsidiary of the telephone company Ericsson, formerly LM Ericsson. By this time, the business had been corporatized and in a larger storehouse stood a number of galvanized baskets that no one wanted to know about and even less to pay warehouse rent for. My acquaintance knew that KJ Eriksson used this type of basket for many different operations, so when he was given the responsibility of sending the baskets for metal recycling, he asked if he could send them to Mora instead, which turned out to be fine as long as they did not need to arrange the transport. A few days later, we at KJ Eriksson got a minor shock when we did not understand the extent of it all, an 18-wheeler truck appeared, a total of 48 pallets fully loaded with baskets. I remember that these baskets at this time cost about 600 SEK each and that the shipping cost was 6000 SEK, so with only 10 baskets we reached “break-even.” Now we had thousands of baskets.

Even today, about 30 years later, these baskets are still in daily use with us at Morakniv and also at several nearby industries. Even in people’s homes around Mora, LME baskets can be found in greenhouses, potato cellars, garages, and other storage spaces where they are used to store everything from heaven to earth. Here you can talk about reusing instead of recycling.