Morakniv Stories

The cable chopper

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The Swedish telecommunications company Televerket has been supplied with various knives by Frost, but by far the most interesting is the Kabelkniv.

Televerket was a Swedish State authority acting as a state-owned corporation (public enterprise), responsible for telecommunications in Sweden from 1853 until 1993.

This knife is designed specifically to chop up the mantle of lead telecommunication cables or to shred cables. There was no commercial release of the model. It was only made and sold to Televerket.

It is massive, full tang carbon steel, 1 cm thick blade, 27 cm overall length, 14 cm blade, 4,5 cm wide, and a hefty 550g. This knife would be easier for maintenance crews to carry than an axe or hatchet for heavy work.

For brutal force work, the thick spine would allow hammers to be used. All knives were stamped with the year they were first used. I have found knives from the years 1949, 50, 57, 58, 64, 66, 69, 71, and 82. Other years probably exist.

Besides the year, the knife also carries the Frost logo and the Televerket logo. An interesting detail is the usage of the lemon shape stamp even in the 1980s.

From the late 1940s until the 1960s, this knife had a leather wrapper handle secured with brass pins. Red polymer wrap replaced the leather handle in the 1970s.

The knife was supplied with a leather sheath with no belt attachment. Apparently, the knife wasn’t meant to be carried on the belt, but on the toolbox.

This is the perfect blade for someone looking for the ultimate batoning knife that can crack any piece of wood.