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Why doesn’t Morakniv make folding knives?


As you probably know by now, the area around Mora has a solid experience of knife making and the local manufacturers have never been involved in the manufacturing of folding knives. Although Jönsson’s so-called barrel-knife was developed once, and the sheath maker Rombo-Anders Eriksson-Ström each produced a variant, the latter of which never came into production (see this prototype above).


Jönsson’s barrel-knife


Traditionally, we northerners have generally demanded a more solid and durable knife than any folding knife has ever been able to offer. The Nordic knives have often been the obvious universal tool and have been used for so many different things that it was considered necessary to have a knife that had such a width that it could be used in everything from tool making, carpentry, carving, hunting and fishing, as well as for slaughter and cutting, cooking and all kinds of household chores. This is the simple explanation for why we have never started making folding knives.

In the other Swedish knife town Eskilstuna, however, they had a different attitude and therefore produced a folding knife. Although, where the folding knife is to be folded inevitably becomes a weak point that also collects both dust and vermin, not least bacterially. At regular intervals, however, the question also arises with us at Morakniv if we still would look at this with folding knives and after updating and reviewing the conditions, we have repeatedly rejected the plans when we found the difference in machinery and other circumstances. The last time the issue was on the agenda in 2015, it resulted in our non-folding pocket knife, Morakniv Eldris, the following year.

  • 13855 Eldris LightDuty Mint Green

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    Eldris LightDuty™ (S)

    219.00 kr inc. VAT
  • 13499 Eldris Burnt Orange

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    Eldris (S)

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  • 13500 Kniv Eldris with Kit Burnt Orange

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