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Introducing two new woodcarving knives!

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As the handicraft trend grows stronger all over the world, we have for some time seen an increased need to be able to offer more choices of high-quality handicraft tools. In response to this, we are now launching two new woodcarving knives made of carbon steel, Woodcarving 120 (C) & Woodcarving 106 (C), excellent for beginners.

Developed for the beginner as well as the more experienced carver, the new craft knives in carbon steel, just like our existing knives in laminated carbon steel, have exemplary qualities for those who need reliable tools close at hand.

“Morakniv Woodcarving 120 (C) and Morakniv Woodcarving 106 (C) are perfect entry-level knives for a new generation of woodcarvers that want to experience Swedish high-quality handicraft knives with long durability,” says Thomas Eriksson, Product Specialist at Morakniv.

Morakniv Woodcarving 120 (C) and Morakniv Woodcarving 106 (C) are easy to sharpen, which means that the user can experience enjoyable woodcarving moments over and over again. With barrel-shaped oiled handles of Scandinavian birch wood and tapered carbon steel blades, you can carve fantastic objects, only the imagination sets the limits.

The knife’s full rat tail tang, which runs through the entire handle, provides both strength and stability in each cut and the barrel-shaped handle in birch wood gives you the opportunity to shape it to your own needs or expression.

The characteristic Woodcarving knives are highly appreciated all over the world and are well known for their excellent sharpness and high quality. Not least because they are used by the skilled craftsmen in Nusnäs, where one of Sweden’s most famous national symbols, the Dalahorse, is made.