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Morakniv 130-year Anniversary

The year 2021 marks the 130-year Anniversary of Morakniv. Ever since the beginning in 1891 we have been manufacturing high-quality knives in Mora, Sweden, proven to stand the test of time. With deep passion and commitment for craftsmanship in our hearts, we stand ready for a new era with hopes of memories still to be made, by you.

There is a long tradition of knife making in Mora. The seed of what would become one of the world’s most popular knife manufactures was sown when Frost-Erik Erson founded a timber sledge factory that also manufactured knives for the workshop’s internal use. At that time, it was important and more or less taken for granted to manage resources and to utilize the remaining material from the production. It would later prove to be a successful business concept.

Ever since, our knowledge has grown and with infinite passion for craftsmanship we have continued to manufacture knives for knife users all over the world. A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in our factory in the village of Östnor, where it has been located for centuries.

”Imagine that 130 years have passed. I have been around in the factory since I was a child and I have seen the development up close in our family business. It has been a fantastic journey. During my 61 years of age, we have gone from having a manual production to a high-tech modern automated one. Over the years, we have also made several iconic knives, such as our red-handled classic Morakniv, the scout knives, all the different craft knives and there is more to come,” says Thomas Eriksson, co-owner and Product Specialist at Morakniv.

The Morakniv 130-year Anniversary also marks the 30-year jubilee of the legendary Mora 2000. Introducing the new Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition, this characteristic new knife is a true collector’s item and a must for the outdoor enthusiast’s next adventure.

To highlight this special year, we proudly present a new website for our anniversary. Join the celebrations at!