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Morakniv appointed
Export Company of the Year 2021 in Dalarna County

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The association Dalarna Business has appointed Morakniv to Export Company of the Year 2021 in Dalarna County. The appointment was announced at the event “Stjärngalan”, Thursday 27th of January 2022. Each year, Dalarna Business nominates corporations into various categories, where Morakniv won the prestigious award in the export category.

The jury, being represented by Almi GävleDala, Dalarna Science Park, KPMG, AB Kuggteknik, SSAB, Visit Dalarna and Åkerströms, motivated their decision as follows:

“Despite fully booked production the company endured difficult times and is now sharpening future plans. Wooden handles have contributed to attracting new clients in the premium segment across the world. A sharp company from many perspectives.”

Johan Burtus, CEO at Morakniv, is immensely proud of the appointment. “Despite battling challenges with rapid growth during a global pandemic, we have managed to fulfill the demands of our clients. Our export share remains solid and represents the majority of our sales. I would like to send my warmest thanks to all colleagues enabling this achievement.”

Additional information is available at Dalarna Business and Stjärngalan.


A Morakniv is always made in Mora

The journey for Morakniv begins in 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned home to the village Östnor in Mora after four years in North America. When he started his timber sledge factory, the first seed was sown for what would eventually become the company and brand Morakniv as we know it today.

In the beginning, Frost-Erik only manufactured knives for the factory’s internal use, but production would soon grow and more and more knives could be sent out in both Sweden and the world. Today, Morakniv has sales of almost SEK 220 million, of which over 70% are sold outside Sweden.