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Morakniv are looking for talent to a Junior Management Team

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Morakniv aim to inspire university students to become future leaders by offering a unique opportunity to collaborate closely with the executive team at Morakniv. We are looking for six (6) ambitious and driven university students with a strong interest in strategic and operational business management, to form a Junior Management Team. This is a work-integration between the academical world and the business world, to apply theory to real life business problems.

“Junior Management Team is an important effort for us at Morakniv. It provides a broader platform for young and ambitious students and a unique possibility to gain insights from the executive agenda while strengthening their network. To us, this is a two-way learning project as we intend to grow together” explains Marit Sandgren, Chief People and Sustainability Officer at Morakniv.

”We believe that educational faculties and corporations need to strengthen their ties to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Practical and hands-on experience from business management will help students to gain more from their education. Corporations on the other side may get an injection from latest applied research and increase their understanding of requirements from next generation colleagues, business partners and stakeholders”, says Johan Burtus, Chief Executive Officer at Morakniv.

We welcome applications between February 4-20, 2022 and the pilot project will run from April to December, followed by evaluation for continuous improvements.

For application details, visit our site: (only in Swedish)


For any inquiry regarding this press release, kindly contact:

Johan Burtus, CEO, Morakniv AB
+46 738 000 460

Marit Sandgren, CPSO, Morakniv AB
+46 738 224 055


A Morakniv is always made in Mora

The journey for Morakniv begins in 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned home to the village Östnor in Mora after four years in North America. When he started his timber sledge factory, the first seed was sown for what would eventually become the company and brand Morakniv as we know it today.

In the beginning, Frost-Erik only manufactured knives for the factory’s internal use, but production would soon grow and more and more knives could be sent out in both Sweden and the world. Today, Morakniv has sales of almost SEK 220 million, of which over 70% are sold outside Sweden.