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Winner of the Swedish Design Awards 2020!

Designpriset vinnare
Morakniv wins first prize for the commercial “Morakniv Classic. Make History.” made by Kojan Film in collaboration with Ember Light and Consid Communication. Advertising agencies from all over Sweden took part in the competition, which took place at a virtual gala from Gothia Towers in Gothenburg. The Swedish Design Awards is a competition in design with the aim of promoting and developing Swedish graphic design and communication. The competition is open to anyone who works with graphic design, design and similar creative areas, and is won by jury judging and votes from the Swedish people. It was in the category Motion Picture/Film – Commercials that it won gold. The commercial played an important role in the entire launch of the updated knife collection Morakniv Classic during 2020. “The fact that we have become part of the Swedish Design Prize by winning gold with a film about something as Swedish as a Morakniv is absolutely fantastic! We are so proud and incredibly grateful for the collaboration with Kojan Film, Consid Communication and Ember Light who had the inspiration, courage and willingness to make this a winning story! ” says Debby Döss, Head of Marketing & Communication at Morakniv.

The Morakniv Classic knives are a true story. They are our tribute to the Swedish handicraft tradition that we have been part of for over a century. The Morakniv Classic carbon knife with the characteristic barrel-shaped red stained birch handle was first introduced around one hundred years ago with the ambition to portray an exclusive mahogany knife.

In the decades since, it has grown into one of the most beloved lifestyle knives in the world – a timeless Morakniv in its purest form. Generations of woodcarvers, carpenters and craftsmen have been using, personalizing and improving the Classic knives ever since. Making it a part of their past memories and an indispensable part of their future. This brings our new collection of Morakniv Classic knives to the table, ready for a new era with hopes of memories still to be made.

A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in our factory in the village of Östnor, where it’s been located for centuries. We have control over the entire production, as it’s we who carry out each step of the process.