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Basic 546 Colour of the Year 2024 (S) – Dala Red™/Ivy Green

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This year’s colours come from the Mora folk dress of the 17th century, which is one of the oldest-known Swedish folk dresses. This is where the green textile meets the classic Dala Red™ colour. Together, they bring new life to the colour combination that once put the people of Mora on the world map.

The Mora folk dress is still worn by folks on special occasions, like midsummer, weddings, or folk music events. Throughout the years, the dress has undergone few changes and still looks largely the same as it always has. The Mora folk dress and Morakniv are both worn with pride, aligning with the tradition established by the ancestors and the heritage that has been developed and nurtured over the years.

The knife with its ergonomic barrel-shaped polymer handle features a sturdy finger guard and a 2.0 mm thick blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel. Manufactured in the knife factory in Mora, Sweden.

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