Sharpening Steel Classic 1891

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A proper sharpener is almost as important as the knife itself. Sharpening the knife so that it’s always sharp and more effective makes cooking more fun and safer. Using a sharpener can be a bit tricky to begin with, but practice makes perfect. Choose between red or black handle.


Black, Red

Usage Area

Knife Type

Knife Series

Blade Shape

Blade Length

240 mm

Knife Length

368 mm

Handle Material



Total Length

368 mm

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Product description

Our 24 cm long Sharpening steel Classic is a flexible sharpener that gives the knife maximum sharpness by aligning the edge. The sharpener has a rougher surface for grinding when the edge is more worn down. Remember to finish off the sharpening process with the finer, polished surface. Sharpening your knives so they are always sharp creates better cooking conditions. Not least because it’s safer and simpler to work with a sharp knife. What’s more, you can use the knife for longer, good for your finances and the environment.