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This genuine classic craft knife has been part of the Swedish craft tradition for over a century. With a barrel-shaped red-stained birch handle and a 2.0 mm thick carbon steel blade, no task is impossible.

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This is a real classic handicraft knife that has been part of the Swedish handicraft tradition for over a century. It is also easy to sharpen, which means that you can experience it over and over again.

With a barrel-shaped red-stained birch handle and a 2.0 mm thick carbon steel blade, no task is impossible. The polymer sheath has a polished finish and is clad with the Dalecarlian coat of arms. Complemented by a belt loop of Swedish vegetable-tanned leather, it is designed to withstand the test of time for generations to come. Carbon steel rusts, so wipe and oil the blade after use. These characteristic craft knives with red-stained birch handles were first introduced about a hundred years ago with the ambition of imitating an exclusive mahogany-handled knife. Since then, the Morakniv Classic has grown to become one of the most beloved lifestyle knives in the world. A timeless Morakniv knife in its purest form. Generations of craftsmen and artisans throughout history have used, personalised and refined the knives to meet their own needs, making the Morakniv Classic a part of unforgettable memories and an invaluable part of the future.

Brand: Morakniv

Knife Series: Classic

Knife Type: All-round

Usage Area: All-round

Colour: Red

Blade Length: 77 mm

Blade Thickness: 2,0 mm

Knife Length: 170 mm

Total Length: 204 mm

Net Weight: 55,2 g

Steel Type: Carbon Steel

Blade Shape: Straight

Blunt Tip: No

Fire Steel Compatible: No

Flex Grade: Stiff

Serrated Edge: No

Serrated Spine: No

Handle Material: Wood

Handedness: Left Handed, Right Handed

Edge Protection: Polymer Sheath

Sheath Orientation: Left, Right

Fit for Children: No

MOLLE-compatible: No

Floating: No

  1. This knife has been with me since 2018, and I’ve used it every year for uncountable tasks. Can’t speak highly enough about this knife.

    Dan H

  2. Amazing customer service.
    Very pleased with this versatile knife!

    Lee (verified owner)

  3. This is THE Mora knife yo have, use, and treasure. Simple, classic, traditional while being tough, versatile, and dependable.

    Chris W

  4. great knife i am going to make it into a neck knife it is light and small


  5. Morakniv is very good, thank you, Morakniv…


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New Morakniv Classic knives vs previous

The previous Morakniv Classic No. 1 and No. 2 had a glued tang, something that was due to that we used the same blade for the Morakniv 510, old Morakniv 511 and the HighQ collection (same blade as Classic No 1) as well as for the Morakniv 521, Morakniv 711, Morakniv 911, Morakniv Companion and more that had the same blade as the Morakniv Classic No. 2. The new collection Morakniv Classic knives have a full rat-tail tang that runs through the handle completely and is riveted at the back-end. You can also see some traces from the woodturning machine making the handles, as its previous version had a cross pressed into the wood to get the torque when milling the handle. It has been replaced with a diamond-like shape that we refer to as our rhomb, a design pattern on our knives.

The edge angles and blade shapes are basically the same, only the new Morakniv Classic No 3 has a slightly shorter blade, than the previous one.

Also keep in mind that the sizes and shapes always have varied some between the different knife manufacturers and also over time, and as we are the only ones left we made our new Morakniv Classic knives to honour all the knife manufacturers that ever was in Mora.

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