Classic No. 2 (C)

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The Morakniv Classic knives are our tribute to the Swedish handicraft tradition that we have been part of for over a century. The Morakniv Classic No. 2 with its characteristic red-stained and barrel-shaped birch handle has a 105 mm long carbon steel blade made for multiple purposes. It is an elegant all-round knife, a part of your lifestyle.





Usage Area

Knife Type

Knife Series

Steel Type

Blade Shape

Blade Length

105 mm

Blade Thickness

Fire Steel Compatible


Serrated Edge


Serrated Spine


Blunt Tip


Flex Grade

Edge Protection

Sheath Orientation

Left, Right



Knife Length

214 mm

Handle Material



Fit for Children




Total Length

250 mm

Net Weight

94,6 g

  1. If I could only own 1 knife for all things indoors and out, this would be it. I purchased 2 of these perhaps 25 years ago at the ridiculously low price of $9. They are super strong and take on an unsurpassed edge with nothing more than a few strokes on a ceramic rod. I use it to clean fish and game, make wood shavings for a fire. carve a pumpkin, split a tough gourd for cooking, maintaining lines on my sailboat and other uses too numerous to mention. It is due to this knife that I have also acquired several MORA kitchen and carving knives and intend to buy more. Maybe I’m partial to my genetics, but I think Swedish steel, and therefore Swedish cutlery is the best in the world. I just wish there was more availability in the US without being overpriced.

    Gregory Thomas Sarafin

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Product description

The Morakniv Classics are made of carbon steel, which makes the knives easy to sharpen but requires more maintenance when exposed to moisture or corrosive environment. Make sure to keep the blade clean and dry. The characteristic barrel-shaped red stained birch handle was first introduced around one hundred years ago with the ambition to portray an exclusive mahogany knife. The polymer sheath with a polished look is covered with the Dalecarlian shield. This is complemented with a belt strap of Swedish vegetable tanned leather, designed to stand the test of time for generations to come. In the decades since, it has grown into one of the most beloved lifestyle knives in the world – a timeless Morakniv in its purest form.

New Morakniv Classic knives vs previous

The previous Morakniv Classic No. 1 and No. 2 had a glued tang, something that was due to that we used the same blade for the Morakniv 510, old Morakniv 511 and the HighQ collection (same blade as Classic No 1) as well as for the Morakniv 521, Morakniv 711, Morakniv 911, Morakniv Companion and more that had the same blade as the Morakniv Classic No. 2. The new collection Morakniv Classic knives have a full rat-tail tang that runs through the handle completely and is riveted at the back-end. You can also see some traces from the woodturning machine making the handles, as its previous version had a cross pressed into the wood to get the torque when milling the handle. It has been replaced with a diamond-like shape that we refer to as our rhomb, a design pattern on our knives.

The edge angles and blade shapes are basically the same, only the new Morakniv Classic No 3 has a slightly shorter blade, than the previous one.

Also keep in mind that the sizes and shapes always have varied some between the different knife manufacturers and also over time, and as we are the only ones left we made our new Morakniv Classic knives to honour all the knife manufacturers that ever was in Mora.

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