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This is an all-round knife for when you need a reliable companion in vastly different situations. The ergonomic polymer handle features a soft friction grip, finger guard, and a 2.0 mm thick blade made of carbon steel, which provides both strength and stability in every cut.

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Companion is one of our most loved and popular knives, just because, as the name suggests, it’s so reliable. This model has a somewhat thinner blade made of carbon steel, which is easier to re-sharpen, even though the blade requires more maintenance.

Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure, a real all-round knife. The tang runs three-quarters of the way up the knife so that you can work with power and precision. The blade is made of carbon steel that we have treated according to our secret company recipe for optimal results. Keep in mind that carbon steel knives should be wiped and oiled after usage to avoid rust and corrosion. The soft friction grip is made of TPE rubber, making the knife feel secure and steady to work with. The polymer knife sheath includes a practical belt clip so that the knife can be attached to your rucksack or belt – always close at hand.

Brand: Morakniv

Knife Series: Companion

Knife Type: All-round

Usage Area: Bushcraft, Hunting, Outdoor

Colour: Military Green

Blade Length: 104 mm

Blade Thickness: 2,0 mm

Knife Length: 219 mm

Total Length: 233 mm

Net Weight: 110,0 g

Steel Type: Carbon Steel

Blade Shape: Straight

Blunt Tip: No

Fire Steel Compatible: No

Flex Grade: Stiff

Serrated Edge: No

Serrated Spine: No

Handle Material: TPE-rubber

Handedness: Left Handed, Right Handed

Edge Protection: Polymer Sheath

Sheath Orientation: Right

Fit for Children: No

MOLLE-compatible: No

Floating: No

  1. Use this knife everyday in my journeys about 2 years. Best of its kind.


  2. This knife really did earn a 5 star review. Let me explain.

    After going through several expensive knives in the wilderness of Alaska (lost one, folded the edge on another, and snapped the blade of the third and fourth in half), I decided to get this companion. Originally I thought it would last a few months of my abuse. It lasted years! Even though I would regularly pair the knife with a hammer and use it as a chisel, hatchet, screwdriver, and shovel, it still held an edge. I could go from using it as a trowel digging in and around rocks and gravel to processing moose and caribou with a simple wash/sanitizing and a few swipes on a sharpening stone. I did break off the tip once and had to grind a new tip, but that was using the very tip of the knife as a wedge while building a stone wall… so understandable and to be expected.
    Even though the sheath is polymer and feels cheap, the drain hole keeps the knife from holding moisture near the carbon steel. The clip on the sheath holds the knife securely and is easy to clip onto and off of a belt. With all the times I “fell” (pushed really) into a river or lake, I never had to worry about losing my knife.
    The grip concerned my at first with no finger guard. But the texture kept my hand from ever slipping towards the blade. Even covered in mud, rain, or dust, the grip was always secure and dependable.
    10 years later, the versatility and dependability of this knife still makes me think this is the perfect knife. Sadly I lost this knife on the side of a mountain when it fell out of my bag… lesson I learned was to keep your companion on your belt.
    Now I have to decide if I should replace it with another companion or consider upgrading to the new dlc coated carbon steel knife… in summary, this knife is the best knife you will ever purchase at this price.

    Luke F.

  3. I love my companion, I use it for everything. I did file the back edge flat (though probably not recommended) so I could use it on a ferro rod. It doesn’t throw the best sparks but it does throw sparks enough to start a fire. I would recommend Morakniv to spend the small amount of extra time to do this from the factory and they would truly have the best affordable knife


  4. had this knife since as long as i can remeber, but it feels really plasticky but the actual blade is really good and for the price i would really reccoment

    Simon Ilsley

  5. I’ve had this for at least 5 years now, one of my favorite knives.


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This knife is not fire steel compatible

This means that we have prioritized a sharp and durable edge together with a firm grip, which means that the appearance of the blade back is not given as much space. If you use this knife in contexts other than those intended, remember that it has this unpolished blade back – so it cannot be used with a fire starter.

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