Companion (S)

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This is an all-round knife for when you need a reliable companion in vastly different situations. The ergonomic polymer handle features a soft friction grip, a finger guard, and a 2.5 mm thick serrated blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel.

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This is an all-round knife for when you need a reliable companion in a wide variety of situations. The recycled Swedish stainless steel blade has long-lasting sharpness.

Companion is used in a huge variety of situations by a range of users: bush crafters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have all discovered the charm of this knife. The blade is made of Swedish stainless steel, which makes it easy to maintain and keeps the blade sharper for longer. It has a soft friction grip handle made of TPE rubber, which makes the grip safer and more steady to work with. The polymer knife sheath includes a practical belt clip so that the knife can be attached to your rucksack or belt – always close at hand.

Brand: Morakniv

Knife Series: Companion

Knife Type: All-round

Usage Area: Bushcraft, Hunting, Outdoor

Colour: Anthracite, Black, Burnt Orange, Cerise, Dala Red, Desert, Green, Hi-Vis Orange, Light Blue, Military Green, Navy Blue, Olive Green

Blade Length: 104 mm

Blade Thickness: 2,5 mm

Knife Length: 219 mm

Total Length: 233 mm

Net Weight: 117,0 g

Steel Type: Stainless Steel

Blade Shape: Straight

Blunt Tip: No

Fire Steel Compatible: No

Flex Grade: Stiff

Serrated Edge: No

Serrated Spine: No

Handle Material: TPE-rubber

Handedness: Left Handed, Right Handed

Edge Protection: Polymer Sheath

Sheath Orientation: Right

Fit for Children: No

MOLLE-compatible: No

Floating: No

  1. This knife is incredible value for the price! I use it as my all around bush/camp knife and it takes whatever hell I put it through. From intricate things like cleaning fish to tough things splitting wood, it does it all. The handle is amazing the the blade length is perfect for a camp knife. I don’t go out in the woods without it!


  2. Very good quality and craftsmanship!

    Tim Bollinger

  3. Loving this all around knife. Keep it in my pack with me all the time. Tough blade and cost less compared to some other knifes at double the price that are not as tough.

    Aydin Odyakmaz

  4. What an amazing knive i love it

    Patrick Michelin

  5. I received my first Mora at seven. I have used, abused, and loved that knife. Never had a Mora fail on me, and know I never will.

    Caspian Mitchell

  6. This is an amazing knife and sort of an unbelievable price. Everything seems very high quality and durable. It arrived razor sharp and slices through most things like butter. I love this thing and will be back for more!

    Rating 4/5 only because mine arrived with a small scratch in the metal

    Brandon Taylor

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This knife is not fire steel compatible

This means that we have prioritized a sharp and durable edge together with a firm grip, which means that the appearance of the blade back is not given as much space. If you use this knife in contexts other than those intended, remember that it has this unpolished blade back – so it cannot be used with a fire starter.

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