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Eldris with Belt Loop (S)

379,00 kr

Color-matched small hunting knife with a profile grind blade that enables precision cutting when you need to take care of the game. The included practical belt loop is easily attached to the belt and ensures that you are always ready. Made of durable polymer and high-quality Swedish stainless steel, the knife is a given part of your hunting equipment.

· Pocket-sized and flexible hunting knife with profile grind that make it easier to take care of the game
· Stylish color-matched with your hunting equipment
· Comfortable handle with a friction grip that provides a secure grip in all weathers
· Can be used with fire starter so you can keep the heat close

Only 12 left in stock

A laser engraved knife is a custom product and therefore special terms and conditions apply. Read more about it in our Terms of Service and read more about laser engraving here.

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This knife has a ground spine. The blade hasn’t been polished/buffed and the spine corners are sharp, which make knives with this grinding excellent for use with a fire starter. The adventure awaits!