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Eldris Accessories Kit

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Black, Blue, Burnt Orange, Green, Red, Yellow


  1. 5 out of 5


    This us a very chunky, small knife.
    I tend to like small knives because they’re easier to carry and draw less attention than larger knives. The Eldris is a knife capable handling the tasks that I most use a knife for.
    Being a sheath knife, its good for processing food, skinning and cleaning fish and game, and handling most chores around camp. Also, no other blades and parts to gum up like my SAKs have. I don’t baton with my knives as I keep a hatchet in my kit.
    I made a belt loop for it as I’m not comfortable with a neck carry and I dont have trouble with parkas covering my belt.
    For me, this is a small knife capable of large tasks.

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