Eldris (S)
with Fire Kit

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Eldris is the knife that fits in your pocket as well in your backpack, the blade is 2mm thick and 59mm long – or in this case short. The solid blade provides both strength and safety in each cut.


Black, Blue, Burnt Orange, Green, Red, Yellow

Usage Area

, ,

Knife Type

Knife Series

Steel Type

Blade Shape

Blade Length

59 mm

Blade Thickness

Fire Steel Compatible


Serrated Edge


Serrated Spine


Blunt Tip


Flex Grade

Edge Protection

Sheath Orientation

Left, Right



Knife Length

143 mm

Grip Material



Fitted for Children




Total Length

154 mm

Other Info

Comes with Fire Steel

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Product description

The blade is made of 12C27, a high quality Swedish stainless steel that is treated through our unique process in our factory in Mora. What’s more, the handy size of the blade suits the varied situations you can encounter on your hike, camping trip or when hunting. The knife has a secure grip made out of two different polymers and a click lock, making the knife safe to handle. Perfect for both new and experienced adventures. Ideal for both new and more experienced adventurers. Eldris (S) – with Fire Kit will take your adventure to the next level. A fire starter, paracord and secondary lock mean that you get even more out of your Eldris knife and your time in the great outdoors. And all accessories have been adapted for the size of our little star.

The colours of Eldris are inspired by the places around us, sprung from our history. In the forests of Mora, the blackness of the coal is never far away. Suddenly, you pass the remnants of a charcoal kiln, the main inspiration for the black Eldris. The Dalecarlian red colour is probably best known from the color that picked up its pigment in copper from the Falu Mine. Ever since the 18th century, the red cottages have spread throughout the country and in a way also become an international symbol for Sweden and Dalarna.

Like the Dalecarlian red colour, we also have the Dalecarlian blue, which is recognizable through everything from building details to fabrics. Not least, it is found in our landscape coat of arms along with the crossed arrows and the crown. The moss green color is taken from nature and the unique environments that fill the surroundings around lake Siljan. In the deep forests, we find both the calm and the inspiration for this green color. Finally, we have the yellow ocher, taken from the 17th century Dalecarlian paintings, as well as the folk costumes worn by people in Mora since ancient times.

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